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  Reviewed By:  Emily-Jane Hills Oxford for Reader's Favorite:  


Lourde is pasionate about his music.  Even as a toddler, he loved to sing.  As he grew up, he developed a passion for playing the drums and the violin.  But what he loved most was singing.  Everywhere he went, he was singing.  He sang into a wooden spoon, a brush, anything that looked like a microphone until his grandma gave him a real microphone.  His imagination knew no limits as the young boy grew up singing one song after another.  His parents called him their singing bird.

Music is a powerful tool.  Some people are born with music in their souls, like Lourde.  It's all-consuming. but in a good way, as the music creates a beautiful person.  Lourde is a beautiful person.  His life is surrounded by the beauty of his music.  Every waking hour is filed wih his music and probably his dreams as well.  Gloria J. Harris (Naejh) has written a wonderful story to honor Lourde's passion for music and particularly singing.  This picture book story, Singing Bird:  A Child's Story, was written by Lourde's grandmother.  The delightful illustrations document a young boy's life as he grows with his music.

A true story, it's also an inspirational story for young readers, one that will definitely encourage young people to believe deeply and to follow their dreams and honor their talents.  It will also encourage young readers to use their imaginations and be creative.  Lourde is a good role model for young creative souls.  A beautifully story, beautifully told.  A tribute to a musical soul.


Reviewed By:  Darin Godby for Reader's Favorite

Nose Poop is a very well written book about what every child deals with and many times in embarrassment.  Author Gloria J. Harris (Naejh) gives a vivid explanation of what "Nose Poop" is and how it catches bad thing that get into our system making us feel unwell.  The reader understands this is the body's way of getting rid of something that isn't good for us, yet many people young and old tend to eat "Nose Poop,"  putting it back into their system.  This material is not just for babies, this applies to people of all ages and walks of life.  Why do people do this?  We may never know, but something has to be done with this "Nose Poop."  As often as one can, they should put in a tissue, throw it away and wash their hands of any germs.  When this is not an option, make sure not to eat it because after all, it's "Nose Poop."

Author Harris does a beautiful job of explaining the issue that everyone must deal with and gives  excellent ways of handling this issue in a positive and well thought out manner.  Illustrator Natalya Kharitonova does a fantastic job painting the picture so vividly so the young reader can see what the author's words are intending to describe.  This would be a fantastic book for every school library, public library, scholastic book fair and for any parent that wants to help their child in this manner.  This book is not written to embarrass, but rather to deal with a delicate subject matter positively.

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