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London loved hambuggas, as he called them.   When London wanted three hamburgers, Grandma introduced him to a grand hamburger.  But how would she get him to eat vegetables?  Find out.  Read "Hambuggas And Frozen Peas." 

READ, gives parents the basic tools needed to teach their child to read.   Cut the phonic strips out and take advantage of wait times by teaching children to read while on the go.   

The Wagners mourned the loss of their dog Peanut for three years.  Perhaps it's time to add a new addition to the family.  Enjoy a cute story of loss and gain;  sorrow and joy.  Read "Leila." 

This is a true story  a child's introduction  to  the world of music.  Lourde possesses a gift of theatrical flair. Through his imagination and magical charm, an amazing and talented performer emerges.

​Nose Poop helps children form good habits in the early childhood years which carries over into adulthood. This book is an effective tool that parents, teachers and caregivers can use to discourage children from eating boogers.


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